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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

What Is Success?

What is Success?

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Give the Gift of Listening

Do you listen to reply or listen to ignite?

Most of us are always thinking about what we are going to say next whilst we are listening!!!

However when we know someone is not going to interrupt us it frees us to truly think for ourselves.. 

So why not give the gift of listening to someone today!

Give Your 

Do you watch for holes, a pause, perhaps an intake of breath, in fact the slightest hint of the other person being finished just so you can jump in? 

Until I became a coach I was really guilty of this. In fact I have to watch myself all the time especially when over-excited on a social occasion!!! 

My friends and family will agree totally here!

Feeling the need to speak and butt-in can be because "just listening" can make you feel like you are not being a leader!! 

However the more we listen, the more empowerment we give to others. 

It makes the speaker feel that what they are saying is worthwhile....and by continuing to listen we are saying that what they going to say next is even more interesting and  worthwhile ...therefore you are giving them the gift of confidence in theirselves and allowing them to be creative and inspired.

As professional listeners ...we matter deeply ..because we don't actually matter at all! It is all about our clients. Helping them to have the space to really feel able to express their ideas freely.

Could you try this today:

Decide that unless you have a dire emergency you will not interrupt someone you are talking to?

When someone be it a colleague or friend gets stuck and feels they don't have the right answers ask them this..

If you knew for sure you were thought of and that you indeed are intelligent, good, beautiful, creative, inspired and that I am here for you.. What thoughts would you have next?

Then stay 100 % focussed on content response and the thinking environment you are providing them! 
What a gift that truly is.

This doesn't just work in the professional world...if you have children it is a wonderful tool:

Each day when you are with your child.. turn off everything and just listen..just be available and your child will soon talk..
and when they talk.. Listen and listen and listen

You can't go back to their childhood and listen.. They are gone!!

Create a great day today!

Vivien Black is a Personal Development Coach at

Friday, 20 February 2015

There is no such thing as "try" or don't!!

Replace can and can't with will or won't

It's been said that "In life, the wills and the will not's determine the haves and have not's." 

While this statement might not be
popular with the faint hearted or the hyper sensitive - it's usually quite true on most occasions.

"Either do or do not. There is no try." Commitment is "yes I will" or 
"no I won't."

What will you do today to commit to your future?

Vivien is a Personal Development Coach at Create Time For Your Life

Friday, 13 February 2015

Friday, 30 January 2015

Can You Create a Perfect Life?

Can You Create the Perfect Life?

Watch this video:

Yes you can! You can create the perfect life for You!!

Start by believing it's perfect just as it is right now. Put a hundred percent into everything you do.
Savour every moment. Live in the in the moment doesn't mean you can't plan or make goals for the can as long as you are taking action in the present to create the future you want and not just "wishing" or "hoping" that things will change.

Believe in yourself right now and most of all be grateful that you have this opportunity to create the life that you want.

Here is a little 60 second video I s called Perfect Day..every day has the potential to be perfect if you believe it!

Create a perfect day today!