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Monday, 31 March 2014

Three steps to living Stress Free!

Do you understand what causes stress?

Anything that makes you:


It could be an upcoming exam, keeping a secret, a visit from a difficult relative, making a difficult choice, work pressures,
coping with a death in the family.

The strange thing is that one person s stress maybe another person's pleasure!
Think of a racing driver or people who work on high roof tops or people who just love challenges all the time...many of us set small challenges and overcome them in order to stop ourselves from getting bored and this is good for us..

However too much stress is seriously bad for our health.

In chronic stress the altered stress hormone released can cause depression, stomach ulcers and decreased immune function.

However the good news is that most of us are always able to overcome stress in our lives. The secret though is to learn how not to let stress factors build up too much in the first place.

Sometimes the source of our stress isn't quite so obvious to us and this is when talking things through with a coach can help bring it out into the open and with the help of your coach you can both put steps in place to get unstuck and move forwards.

Some Emotional Reactions to Stress;

1.  Feeling tense
2.  Unable to Relax
3.  Feeling constantly frightened
4.  Increasing irritability
5.  Complaining all the time
6.  Feeling of conflict
7.  Inability to concentrate
8.  Tearfulness 
9.  Unable to make decisions
10.Fears of social embarrassment or failure.

Do You Suffer from any of these Physical Reactions to Stress?

Muscle tension
Pounding heartbeat
Fast shallow breathing
Dilated pupils
Change in appetite
Muscle weakness
Sick feeling in your stomach
Frequent urge to pass urine
Irritable bowel
Pins and needles in hands or feet
Dry mouth or throat
Constant butterflies in stomach 

In my next article I will give you 20 methods for reducing stress in your life..

In the meantime ..

Work on these three simple tasks:


Always be true to yourself and your own values 


Be direct with other people..whether it s family, friends or co-workers..don't beat about the bush for too long 


Never apologise for being YOU! You are unique and you are amazing...

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Want to get more Creative?

It's funny how we can get stuck in a rut and then one day it can seem so easy to make a change...and then we that was so easy ..why didn't i do that earlier?

Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself "why"? Why does it seem so easy now?

Usually you will realise that it's because you've "Relaxed". Relaxing makes us more creative. Our brains slow down and the creative juices get a chance to flow...

Remember.."what we resist persists"... So accept and relax and watch what happens..

Watch this 40 sec video and get inspired; You are amazing...

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Have You Got a Mentor (or even a few)?

Despite some of the best information available on how to accomplish any task, most people still tend to ask their friends, neighbors, co-workers and siblings for advice on key issues they may be facing. 

So why  not turn to people who are experts in the field...who have already accomplished exactly what you want to do?

You could easily find dozens of mentors to help you on your path -- and surprisingly, many of them will help out just for the enjoyment of helping someone else succeed. 

Create Time For Your Life and take time NOW to jot down those questions you need answered along with the kind of help or contacts you might need a mentor to provide. Once you've determined your needs, you can more easily search out appropriate mentors in your field. When you find them, take a risk and ask them to help. 

To your Success in 2014!

Saturday, 23 November 2013


I have a new gratitude statement for you today - and this
one is VERY powerful because it shifts your awareness
from awareness to prosperity...

Here you go...

Today I am grateful for opportunity!

Opportunity is EVERYWHERE. Even if you aren't tuned
into it right now, it is everywhere. The trick is to shift your
awareness and expect to see opportunity all around you.

Today, decide to see small and large opportunity in the world
around you. Discover it in your life and in the lives of others.

And when you do - CELEBRATE IT!

When you decide to see opportunity all around you - you
instantly shift from lack awareness to prosperity awareness
and you become a magnet for your desires...

So, remember your new gratitude statement...

"Today I am grateful for opportunity!"

You are Extraordinary!

You CAN create prosperity magnetizing intention statements fast.
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Saturday, 2 November 2013

How to Relight Your Motivational Fire

Can you recall times in your life where your motivation has peaked and troughed? Times when you felt a high level of motivation, when nothing could stop you from pursuing a goal or staying committed to a cause that was important to You? However by contrast can you remember too often the times when your motivation waned, your resolve felt weak, and you couldn’t seem to focus on a goal you said you really wanted.
So why is it that we can sometimes take a goal to its end, and other times it loses its flame?
The secret is to understand your own internal personal motivators, and how they tie to the goals you set. Plus there are certain "truths" about how motivation works and why it subsides. And most important of all it is understanding that  within these truths there is a process for reestablishing your sense of motivation that you can use anytime to reignite the flame of a goal.
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